About This Course

The Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) e-Learning module provides participants with an overview of fundamental risk management and how it is applied from a business perspective.  The e-Learning is also a practical hands-on training guided by simple narratives focusing on structured ways to carry out risk management process and ideas on how to overcome key challenges. Numerous real-life case studies have been incorporated in the module to facilitate participants to better understand the workings of ERM.

Course Overview

  • What is Enterprise Risk Management?
  • Misconceptions of risk management
  • Is risk management necessary?
  • How risks affect us and our decision making?
  • Drivers of strong risk management
  • Risk management in corporate governance context
  • 3 lines model in risk management and control

  • “Ecosystem” of enterprise risk management
  • Risk management styles
  • Case study
  • Common pitfall in risk management

  • Top 5 global risks in terms of likelihood
  • Top risks companies are facing
  • 11 top risks companies are facing in 2021
  • Risk affects all industries
  • Case study

  • What is risk culture?
  • Elements of an effective risk culture

  • Risk management process
  • Risk treatment plans
  • Common challenges to effective risk assessment

1 hrs 0 mins


Organisation Wide

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