About This Course

The Carbon Footprint Management e-Learning module provides participants with an overview of the identification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions within a company, which includes understanding the sources of emissions, the importance of tracking and the roles and responsibilities of those involved.

Course Overview

  • Chapter 1.1 What are Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
    • What are Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions?
    • Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • What are the negative impacts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
    • Global risk landscape


  • Chapter 1.2 Why should Greenhouse Gas Emissions be measured?
    • What is a Carbon Footprint? 
    • Benefits of Carbon Footprint Management
    • Importance of “Going-green”


  • Chapter 1.3 How can this be done?
    • Growing regulations and requirements
    • Global Guidelines

  • Chapter 2.1 Quantifying Carbon
    • How to quantify Carbon Emissions from operations?
    • Identifying Greenhouse Gas Emission sources
    • How to manage Carbon Emissions from operations?


  • Chapter 2.2 Communicating Importance
    • Turning risks into opportunities
    • Why disclose climate-related information?

  • Chapter 3.1 Governing Carbon Management
    • Why is it important and how does it help?
    • Roles and responsibilities 
    • Example – Governance & Management


  • Chapter 3.2 Evaluating & Prioritising Carbon Footprint
    • Importance of evaluation of emissions
    • How are GHG evaluations conducted?
    • Common risks & opportunities


  • Chapter 3.3 Integrating CFM in Business Operations
    • Setting targets
    • How to set targets?
    • GHG Reduction Roadmap


  • Chapter 3.4 Carbon Performance Monitoring & Reporting
    • Why monitor carbon emissions? 
    • How should this be done? 
    • Who should do it?
    • How and what to report?

0 hrs 30 mins


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