About This Course

This module will take you through an awareness on cyber security and how it would impact the organisation. The module would also introduce many common cyber security threat that you may hear of in the news or other medium and given an understanding of the motive of the threat actors and recognising the threat. With the understanding, it would empower the users  to help safeguard the organisation of the threats and responding appropriately to protect the organisation’s valuable data.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to cyber security
  • Anatomy of cyber threats

  • Threat actors
  • Motivation of attack

Chapter 3: Type of Hackers

Chapter 4: Stages of a Cyber Attack

  • Could you be a Social Engineer?
  • What’s next?
  • Are you protected?

  • What is an insider threat?
  • Types of insider threats
  • How much of an insider threat are you?

  • Techniques of cyber attack

  • How do we detect a cyber attack?
  • Intrusion detection

  • Security tools to protect against cyber attacks

  • Steps when responding to cyber attack
  • Case scenario

1 hrs 0 mins


Organisation Wide

Certificate of Completion

Online Training and Assessment

100% Online