About This Course

This module aims to provide an overall understanding of money laundering, terrorism financing and proliferation financing. The myths and misconceptions surrounding these illegal acts will be debunked as the user explores the different methods and techniques adopted by criminals in carrying out these activities. Emphasis is also placed on the global and domestic response in combating these criminals and activities. Additionally, the user will be supplemented with knowledge on the varying social and economic impacts of these crimes.

Course Overview

  • Money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Debunking the myth

  • What is money laundering?
  • Why do money launderers do it?
  • How do money launderers do it?
  • Money laundering stages
  • Liability of money laundering offenders
  • Case study

  • What is terrorism financing?
  • How do terrorism financiers operate?
  • Liability for terrorism financiers
  • Case study

  • What is proliferation financing?
  • How do proliferation financiers do it?
  • Liability for proliferation financiers

  • Potential AML/CFT red flags
  • Case study

  • The true cost of money laundering
  • The true cost of terrorism financing
  • Impact and consequences
  • Case study

  • Global gatekeepers
  • National Malaysia Coordination Committee (NCC)
  • Domestic response
  • Domestic regulatory landscape

1 hrs 0 mins


Organisation Wide

Certificate of Completion

Online Training and Assessment

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